Roy Broown: Nine Women Intimidate Me

Well, something out of the common. But I think it’s fun to share it with you … It was my nail day, but my appointment this time was not like constructed. Always choose to go in the morning so that it does not suck me what sucks me lol. I think about it and it makes me laugh hahaha! The girl in charge of the appointments chose the 7pm turn of the night. For me it was normal until I reached the beauty salon and there were 9 women waiting for me hahahaha. Everything was very comic because they were all talking between them and when I arrive. All were silent waiting for me to say some word Lol, 9 women looking at this poor man in their territory. I enter the living room and register my appointment and all in silence hahahaha. Well, I attended the person in charge of making my manicure and my pedicure but everything was very strange because they were still in silence and did not know why … I took a seat and the girl started her work and after a few minutes for them it was inevitable to leave One side of the conversation issue and it turns out that they were talking badly about the men jajaja used against me Ajajaja. At that time that of silence was me. I could only say good night to all jajajaja(I wrote this text laughing)

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