Roy Broown: Lonely Man , Chapter 1 – Im Roy Brown

I introduce myself, you can call me Roy and this is my story. A story that has just begun. Everything happens for a reason, even the wrong decisions are part of the plan. What plan? A divine plan? I don’t know… why am I sitting here today writing this and wanting to remember my path as if I were someone special? why? my ego? depression? Mmm no, I just want to be understood and I can find it in a homophobic person? a toxic person? false friends? or an ignorant family? Mmm neither… now I’ve grown up, nothing is like it used to be and now I have to accept it…. Accept what, accept that I am the karma my progenitor is paying for? Accept that my progenitora is toxic not because she wants to but because she was taught to be? Accept that those friends are just a learning train? Or accept that my family is ignorant for having beliefs ingrained throughout their lives? Yes… I have to accept it and for me it was a great disappointment. Now I find my loneliness, navigating in the deepest of my memories, asking that omnipresent being for wisdom to be a better person day by day and to be able to guide the people who need me because I understood that it is not their fault to be the way they are and that I can’t change them either….

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