Baxter Dex: Lower Body Wednesday

wow what a busy day. in the morning prepare a big breakfast. I knew that a strong training session was waiting for me… my trainer came for me and I was not ready yet. I was washing my clothes and finishing breakfast. He helped me to finish faster. It was starting to get hot and we managed to get to the gym early. We start stretching and warming up the legs. We continue with the femorals. quadriceps. buttocks . finally we conclude with deadlift and calf extension. my legs were shaking like i had my ohmibod in my butt. I could hardly walk. But I had to go to the mall. to consult something in the bank.. the turn was eternal. I was so hungry and I was sitting waiting for 15 people to call before my OMFG.. I came home and ate a lot I wanted to start my broadcast but the internet connection was unstable. Now I’m going to bed to rest. I had a nice shower.. see you

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