Boreas Delgado: Starting the Week

Today I connected late hahahaha, last night I went to bed late, I was watching a documentary about dolphins hahahaha, and today I got up running because the alarm clock didn’t go off.I took a quick shower and had to down my super hot morning coffee, nearly burned my mouth, and when I realized I didn’t have any cigarettes, I still don’t.I hope this week is super productive, and that I don’t get bored at any time.

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Xavii Day: Toys! :)

How is my Flirty Team X? :)Just over another month spent here, exploring. This month has been all about discovering new sensations with toys – OMG, I am now such a toy fiend! lolSilicon, metal, PVC and glass in different shapes, sizes and forms are now part of my arsenal (hehe!)I love using them while being watched – do you want to be next?Also! Started practicing some basic shibari rope ties on cam; the patterns and the tension and sensation of constricting my chest feels so hot! I have a tip target to get more rope; any and all help appreciated.So, please come and have a show – knots, toys and mutual exploration of pleasure.See you in my room soon!Best,Xavii.

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Oliver Blakee: Un Poco De M Para Ti…

Hope: I hope to be a recognized and professional model, contribute to the industry and influence new generations to fulfill their goals and purposesAbout me: Hi, I am Oliver. I’m proudly Colombian boy, I’m very tender and If you know we well you will know that. I am mischievous and naughty, love to share with you my body my art, I love to have good taste in everything, good clothes, good style, good music and for sure good fetichesDreams: I wish to be a financially free man, to travel around the world, to know wonderful places and to be able support vulnerable people, to have a country house, surrounded by nature and full of loveRules: always have the best disposition for enjoy the show. Respect other users in my room. Don’t demand without tipping. Watching is free, requests are not. If you can’t tip please just watch. If you want to dirty talk sends a tip. If you say rude things, you will be silenced or even banned. I’m not a sexual object.Your support and love makes my dreams come true, and for this I thank you

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